Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blog Review:

Today I came across, via a new Side-Chain Compression tutorial posted on ReasonTutorials. is dj.boddicker's site. I don't know any more about this person than what is there, but what really struck me is the small but notable collection of Reason-related posts.

These devices are great. There's the side-chain compression tutorial I mentioned earlier as well as:
The RNS files are provided, as well as demo music files, so have a listen!

What impresses me is how simple in concept these devices are, yet so elegantly constructed. Even better, the examples provided are top-notch and illustrate the devices perfectly.

There is also a small collection of high-quality tutorials, not all related to Reason, that are very interesting and well written. In particular, "how to make drums sound bigger" answers many questions that confound the search for good rhythms.

Great site dj.boddicker - looking forward to trying out your future creations!

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