Friday, February 27, 2009

Thor's Destination Amount

Just an interesting observation I made while developing the noise gate. The "Destination Amount" in each of Thor's routing rows goes from -100 to 100 and modifies the Source signal as it goes to the Destination. However this is not a linear modification. It turns out that it's cubic! 100 is still 100% and -100 is 100% inverted, but smaller values follow a cubic relationship. Therefore, a setting of 80 is actually (80/100)*(80/100)*(80/100) = 0.512, or about 50%.

Figure 1 - Thor Destination Amount

Figure 1 makes this clear. Note that this means values of Dest Amount between about -25 to 25 are very close to zero. The regions between -100 & -80 and 80 & 100 are reasonably close to linear.

Figure 2 - Thor Scale Amount

However the scaling caused by the Scale parameter is linear, as figure 2 shows.

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